Credit Scoring


We design and deploy smart systems that enable microfinance institutions leverage innovative digital solutions to assess the creditworthiness of underbanked and unbanked clients.

Through a combination of psychometric tests and big data, Inclusystems can help Micro Credit Institutions and Microfinance Banks manage their credit risks and deepen their KYC levels. This service also curates credits for Cooperatives, Micro-finance Institutions and Banks to reduce default and increase profit.

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Digital Identity

 In a very fluid world where the financially excluded and other entities lack sufficient or valid means of identification, our digital identity systems leverages biometrics, facial recognition, retina scanners and blockchain to develop and deploy immutable identity systems for governments, humanitarian organizations and corporate firms.

Application Development

At Inclusystems, we design, build and deploy secure websites, systems and platforms that facilitates inclusion of base of the pyramid clients. This includes payments systems that leverages Near Field Communications Technology, Quick Response Technology, mobile telephony and Social Payments.

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4. E-commerce@2x


We build and develop We build online marketplaces where buyers and sellers not only transact but negotiate and communicate securely by layering all the commerce systems of robust, innovative security protocols.

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