Celeris is an innovative product of IncluSystems, riding on the cooperative registration and structure to facilitate the financial inclusion of the underserved segments of the population. The product creates a proposition that leverages digital identity framework, digital lending models and micro savings to create a one stop shop that integrates the financial needs of base of the pyramid customers. Visit www.celeriscredit.com to learn more.

Inclupay reimagines Agency Banking by insisting on strategic deployment and utilization of Agency Network to deepen inclusive payments. Leveraging partnerships with industry powerhouses, Inclupay combines competitive pricing with innovative payment options and channels to provide the full scale

This product gives clients and businesses options to order and take delivery of bespoke technology solutions to drive the digital transformation of their organizations, offices, households, shops and properties. It enables our clients to engage with us directly, through Artificial Intelligence or our professional Customer Service agent and request distinct solutions they need to unlock their businesses and facilitate their lives.

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